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The mission of the Kansas State Association of Fire Chiefs is to provide the chief fire officers and managers of emergency services in Kansas with a forum to discuss issues and dispense information applicable to life safety and property conservation, and to provide education, services and representation to enhance the professionalism and capabilities of the fire service.
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KSAFC Membership
Membership Types
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Chief Bill Walker
KSAFC Secretary/Treasurer
113 North 5th Street
Burlington, KS 66839
620.364.6475 Cell
620.364.3108 Fax

KSAFC Membership
Who are members of the Kansas State Association of Fire Chiefs?
What are eligiblity requirements for membership?
How much are membership dues?

Membership Types
The KSAFC offers four types of memberships: Active, Associate, Honorary, and Sustaining.

Annual dues
Active Any administrative officer, above the rank of Captain, in any recognized fire department or fire brigade in the State of Kansas. An active member who becomes ineligible as a result of department consolidation or source of eligibility, with another organization, may maintain his/her active membership as long as he/she remains in the department or organization resulting form such consolidation.
Associate Any person who is ineligible for active membership but who is interested in the objectives of this Organization except those of voting and holding office.
Honorary The Executive Board may recommend individuals who have rendered outstanding service to the Organization for honorary membership. The membership shall be granted by a majority vote at the annual conference. All past active members of this Organization who have retired as administrative officers for the fire service may retain honorary membership. Honorary members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Organization except those of voting and holding office.
Sustaining Any business concern that is interested in the objective of the Organization may become a sustaining member and shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Organization except those of voting and holding office.
NOTE: Dues paid by any new member after the first day of October of any year shall apply to the remainder of that year and the entire following year.

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Membership Form
The membership form is available in PDF format. Click here to open the form and print it. Please complete the form and return it with your payment to:
c/o Bill Walker, Treasurer
113 North 5th Street
Burlington, KS 66839

Make checks payable to: KSAFC.

Should you have questions regarding KSAFC membership, please contact Chief Bill Walker by phone or e-mail at 620.364.2305 or

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