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The mission of the Kansas State Association of Fire Chiefs is to provide the chief fire officers and managers of emergency services in Kansas with a forum to discuss issues and dispense information applicable to life safety and property conservation, and to provide education, services and representation to enhance the professionalism and capabilities of the fire service.
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The Fire Bell
The life of a firefighter is closely associated with the ringing of a bell. Traditionally as the day began, it was the bell that started it off. And so through the day and night, each alarm was sounded by a bell which called the firefighters to their duty and to place their lives in jeopardy. During times like these we seek strong symbols to give us a better understanding of our feelings during this time of reflection of the devotion that our fallen comrades had for their duty. The three sets of rings of the bell give honor and respect to those who have served so well and represents the end of their duties as their last alarm.

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Kansas Fallen Firefighters
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Capt. Anthony "Tony" P. Cox
Topeka Fire Department
Topeka, KS
"Tony Cox was 44 years old and a 21 year veteran of the department. This marks the first official firefighter death in the Topeka Fire Department since the early 1900s." www.ksffa.com

FF Brandon Daley
Butler County Fire District #3
Rose Hill, KS
Rose Hill Fire Department Memorial
“A Mother’s Prayer”
Written by Carolyn Kay Carr
The alarm goes off, ready to go, all with no hesitation
Time to save a soul or a home, straight to that destination

This prayer’s for my son, as that fire calls
Protecting the innocent and fighting flaming walls

Guide him with your strength, the courage to pull him through
Give him that breath of air, if he gets down to his last few

By chance he may get weak; do give him the will to stand
Carry him as you said, your” Foot Prints in the Sand”

He will have to lift or ax a door today
May your angels chip away, helping along the way

There’s always the unknown, of what they call “back draft”
Secure your arms around him, and the others who have his back

Make way for him to listen, to hear that persons call
If he gets blinded, give him sight, direct him down that hall

Determined to break a window, to rescue that angry dog
Or fight the wild fires, to keep lands beauty how it belongs

Keep there team in motion, to know where one is at
There’re taking turns in and out, of these fires that attack

When that duties done, he’ll have peace of mind
You were right beside him; he now thanks you for your time

Lord I ask this of you, I pray you watch over him
Help him always save the lives, then return him to me again.

“Dedicated to my Son and to all Firefighters”
Copyright©2007 Carolyn Kay Carr

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